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( The birth of spun-bonded non-woven fabric manufacturing method and development]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-15
In non-woven fabric manufacturing method, the method of spun-bonded in manufacturing technology, product performance, and there are obvious advantages in such aspects as production efficiency, to make it in nearly 20 years obtained the rapid development of attracted worldwide attention. Method of spun-bonded non-woven research since the 50 s, by the DuPont company and Freudenberg companies in the United States and Europe at the same time to develop and produce industrial research. Then in the late 60 s around the world have begin to production of spun-bonded non-woven, Japan got started in the 70 s, the asia-pacific region in the mid - 80 - s the technology import as a starting point for the production. Spun-bonded method because it is the rapid development of the synthetic polymer as the raw material, the use of chemical fiber spinning principle of continuous filament, in the process of polymer spinning after jet into the net after direct bonding, made of non-woven fabric, manufacturing method is very simple and quick, compared with the dry non-woven processing technology, eliminating the fiber crimp, cutting, packaging, transport, mixing, carding and a series of red in the middle of the process, the continuous, high-volume production of remarkable effect is to make the method of spun-bonded product cost reduction, stable quality, strong market competitiveness, in use disposable and durability of various USES can enter into the field of the textile, paper, and the film market. Now in the production of non-woven fabric, about 40% ~ 50% by melt spinning method ( Including spun-bonded method, melt spray method and the complex legal) , the total output of the melt spinning production methods in various areas and the proportion of the United States for 50% respectively 37% and 41% in Japan, Europe, etc. , according to data from the observed advanced countries with melt spinning method, the main production mode for non-woven fabrics. Secondly, as a result of spun-bonded non-woven polypropylene as the main raw material, is widely used in the aspects such as price, processing, production cost has many advantages, also greatly promote the sustainable development of the spun-bonded non-woven industry. In addition, spun-bonded non-woven mechanical performance is good, its tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength and other pointer is superior to dry, wet, melt-blown non-woven fabric, especially in recent years, spun-bonded method in production scale, technology and equipment, and the rapid development of the product market development, greatly expands the application fields of spun-bonded non-woven fabrics. Spun-bonded method production process and chemical fiber spinning bigger difference is using air draft and directly into the net, the drafting of spun-bonded law, therefore, become a core problem for the technical, before drafting is to use mechanical drafting system, fiber monofilament coarser, web is not uniform. At present, the spun-bonded production equipments in all countries of the world has been adopting air draft technology, due to the drafting of airflow in a different way, forming method of spun-bonded production line at three different forms, both tube drawing, the width of slit type draft, narrow slot and drafting, etc. Method of spun-bonded nonwoven technology is to enhance the capacity of production line and solve the uniformity of non-woven fabrics, cover, feel is rough and other issues, to improve the strength and softness of spun-bonded non-woven, uniformity, and comfortable, moisture absorption performance.
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