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The blown-out enterprise was 'fooled' by the market

by:Sunshine     2020-01-21
The reporter learned from relevant parties that last yearA flow' In the coming, there was a shortage of melt-blown non-woven fabrics for masks, which prompted the market price of melt-blown non-woven fabrics to soar from 20 thousand yuan/ton to 130 thousand yuan/ton. As a result, a wind blew up the production line of the melt-blown nonwoven. According to relevant data, in 2009, there were 12 new melt-blown production lines with a width of more than 102 added to the melt-blown non-woven fabric industry, with existing production lines nationwide and a production capacity of about 5. 80 thousand tons, up 41% year on year. Blindly following the trend of the rapid growth of production capacity, did not bring benefits to the follow-up enterprises, but added a lot of troubles. There is an enterprise in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, which originally made transfer printing paper. Later, when it saw that masks sold well and made money quickly, the boss invested millions of yuan in several non-woven fabric production lines for producing mask substrates. I didn't think the equipment was installed and the product came out, but the market changed: the mask that was originally best-selling could not be sold overnight. The boss is very depressed. I can only turn off the equipment and quit the workers. Due to the contingency and vigilance of emergencies, the latecomers who blindly enter this market are affected by the market. 'Hit the waist'. In this encounter, many enterprises were forced to dismount their ordered equipment before it was shipped or shipped to the site for installation and commissioning. Some blown nonwoven products enterprises are also faced with the fate of finding rice or stopping work because the downstream product channels cannot be connected. ' It is impossible for the market to digest so much production capacity at once. The reason is actually very simple. ' You Xiangyin, general manager of Nantong Liyang New Material Development Co. , Ltd. , calculated an account for the reporter. ' One ton of blown cloth can produce 9 million masks, so how many masks can nearly 60 thousand tons of blown material produce? ! Masks can't be eaten as food, can they be consumed? 'Blindly follow the trend, by the market'Fool' One, it is indeed a lesson for the blown nonwoven manufacturer. It is true that industrial textiles and non-woven fabrics are often accompanied by emergencies. 'Be valued' However, enterprises should find their own development path according to their own conditions, and should not follow the trend, otherwise they will eat their own bitter fruit. By'A flow'Triggered by'Mask War'Should learn a lesson from this. The only way out is that innovative melt-blown non-woven fabrics can only be used as masks? The answer is No. In recent of 17th session spunbonded and melt-blown Method non-woven cloth annual meeting on some Production Melt-blown non-woven cloth enterprise flow adversity change, their innovative technology and experience in products and concepts have greatly benefited participants. Nantong Liyang New Material Development Co. , Ltd. is a major manufacturer of meltblown products. They realized earlier that the Meltblown Nonwoven product market will eventually be reshuffled, enterprises with poor ability to resist market risks will be ruthlessly eliminated by the market. Only by seeking change and innovation can we survive. You Xiangyin provided a survival and development for the peers who participated in the conference. 'Prescription' The future direction of melt-blown nonwoven materials should be process refinement, product functionalization, structural integration, application substitution and market differentiation. He said that the meltblown seems to be simple in technology, but there are many technical thresholds, involving many disciplines. It is not good to rely on a tour and a little understanding. Meltblown products are not single. In addition to masks, warm materials and oil-absorbing materials, they can also develop many uses, such as antibacterial, breathable, flame retardant, high temperature resistant and other materials. He believes that the melt spray process should integrate various technologies such as textile, fiber, paper making, film and composite, and the products should be differentiated and should not be' Everyone wears pants of the same size'. It is understood that the company has been committed to the development of new blown products in recent years and has had a good life. After repeated questioning by reporters, you Xiangyin revealed several new meltblown products they developed, such as sound-absorbing materials used in highway tunnel construction and water seepage materials used for soilless cultivation of flowers, non-slip, breathable shoe-making materials and automotive interior materials. Fang Yipeng, president of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association's spunbond non-woven fabric branch, pointed out that the spunbond blown non-woven fabric industry should change the situation that everyone is competing in the low-end market and break through development. 'Sound Barrier' From the market, standards, customer needs, processes, health requirements and other aspects of designing the company's equipment, plant, out of their own characteristics of the development of the industry. (China teachers' daily)
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