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( The cover is hard to find? Medical non-woven masks, look at! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-13
Ordinary people can use medical non-woven homemade face mask? Today, lai chi small make up to introduce a kind of using ordinary medical non-woven fabric to make a mask. Choosing medical non-woven fabrics with three layers structure, S, M, S, M layer has a resistance bacteria. In order to experience more comfortable, can be in layer and soft gauze piece. 1, according to the size of a mask first cut medical non-woven, ready to two layers of cotton gauze ( Than medical non-woven fabric edge slightly smaller 1 centimeter or so respectively from top to bottom, left and right sides together) with medical non-woven fabric Two masks, white belt. 2, the medical non-woven fabric stitches in the edge folding gauze ( Folding direction with side) 。 3, left and right sides in discount respectively, 4 cm per 2 cm, a total of 2 discount, the direction of the passbook consistent down cut off bacteria, masks below edge distance is about 3 cm. 4, bring respectively prepared two white seam on either side of the face mask, mask the upper white belt length slightly longer than the bottom, the top because the top on the top of the head. 5, then the redundant thread decrease're done, basic forming masks. 6, making good medical non-woven masks for 50 minutes of high pressure sterilization disinfection, bag sealing load protection.
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