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The difference between laminated non-woven fabric and coated non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-05-29
What is the difference between coated non-woven fabrics and coated non-woven fabrics? Global Textile network Xiaobian answers for you: there is no other attachment processing technology in the production of non-woven fabrics. For the product needs, it may require material diversification and some special functions, and it will be processed on non-woven raw materials, different processes are produced according to different processing modes. Film covering and coating of non-woven fabrics are common processes of non-woven fabrics. A: The film of non-woven fabrics is to heat the plastic into liquid with a professional machine, and then pour the plastic liquid on one side or on both sides of the non-woven fabric through the machine. There is a drying system on one side of the machine, this layer of poured plastic liquid can be dried and cooled to produce coated non-woven fabrics. Second, the film covering of non-woven fabrics is made of non-woven film covering machines. Through this advanced large machine, the bought rolled plastic film is directly combined with the material of non-woven fabrics to become a film covering non-woven fabrics. It can be seen that the difference between the film and the film is that the production process and the raw materials are different, and the appearance and basic principle of the finished product are the same.
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