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The difference between non-woven bag and paper bag

by:Sunshine     2020-03-31
The difference between non-woven handbags and paper bags is that the most common bags for shopping today are non-woven bags, paper bags and plastic bags. Today, Xiaobian also elaborated on the difference between non-woven handbags and paper bags. These two bags are often encountered in our lives. The same place is environmental protection, and they can also be advertised and branded. Let's talk about their differences: first, let's look at the materials: non-woven bags are made of a new generation of environmentally friendly materials-- Non-woven fabric, with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, no rib burning, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low price, can be recycled and so on. The material of the paper bag is wood pulp, which is made by cutting a large number of trees, so the non-woven bag is more environmentally friendly according to the material. Let's take a look at the printing cost of the bag. The Paper Bag is printed directly by the printing press, but the non-woven bag is not good. The non-woven bag of Huanya packaging is generally screen printing, the printing slurry is also an environmentally friendly printing slurry prepared by the factory itself, and the printing pattern is clear and exquisite. If it is all color printing, the cost of paper bags is higher, because the machine printing must first typeset, plate making, and some have to do knife molds, so the cost is much higher, and printing is also very troublesome. Regarding the MoQ, Huanya packaging non-woven bags are basically 1000 MOQ, but at least 2000 paper bags are required. Finally, the way to carry, non-woven bags can be folded at will, so it is convenient to carry, more environmentally friendly and durable. At the same time, non-woven bags can also be cleaned with water and can be reused many times. However, paper bags will not work. Once folded, there will be creases on the surface that will seriously affect the appearance and will be broken as soon as they are stained with water. Although the paper bag has some shortcomings compared with the non-woven bag, it cannot be said that it is not good. Some aspects are not comparable to the non-woven bag. At least under normal circumstances, the paper bag looks much more upscale than the non-woven bag, and the stereoscopic impression is much stronger, therefore, paper bags are suitable for product packaging bags, while non-woven bags are more suitable for product advertising bags. Huanya packaging has nine years of customized production experience in non-woven bag production. The products have various styles and can be customized according to customer requirements.
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