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The difference between non-woven bag covered with bright film and dumb film

by:Sunshine     2020-03-20
The difference between non-woven bag covered with bright film and matte film, non-woven bag color printing now uses more printing is gravure film printing, film can generally be divided into two types, one is covered with bright film or called Light Film, the other is called matte film. The effects of these two kinds of film covering are still different. For the first time, customers who do color printing film covering bags may have a lot of ignorance, now let's briefly introduce their differences. When we film the non-woven fabric, we first produce the film, and then heat the laminating machine to cover the non-woven fabric and the PP film together at high temperature. The bright film is characterized by high gloss, we will see that the surface of the non-woven bag will have a reflective effect, the color looks more colorful, the image is crystal clear, and the color retention will last longer. Second Light Film (Bright Film)It is better in radiation protection performance. The surface of the matte film does not see the phenomenon of reflection, but the effect is more elegant, noble, and elegant. Secondly, he can't prevent radiation. For cloth bags covered with dumb film or bright film (Light Film) According to the specific design picture, see what effect we need to show in the picture. In terms of price, the cost of dumb film is a little higher than that of bright film.
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