Cross non woven fabric/ Cambrella Fabric

The first 'stone' cloth material in China

by:Sunshine     2020-04-25
Xiamen Zhongfang Chemical Fiber Material Co. , Ltd. made nano-scale inorganic gypsum powder from gypsum powder, talcum powder or bentonite, and modified by surface modification, adding polymer compounds and other auxiliary additives to prepare polymer environmental protection function Masterbatch with good dispersion performance, used to produce a variety of synthetic fibers. Among them, polypropylene Spunbonded Nonwoven has passed the scientific and technological appraisal of China Textile Industry Association. The preparation method and application technology have recently obtained the national invention patent and have entered the stage of industrial development. Experts believe that the application of inorganic powder modification technology in synthetic fibers is an exploration attempt to coordinate the development of weaving industry with resources and environment, hoping to speed up the popularization and application and promote the technological progress of China's nonwoven industry. The annual output of polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabrics in China has reached more than 1 million tons. If this patented product is used, according to 10% ~ If the addition amount is 30%, 70 thousand less can be used every year ~ More than 200 thousand tons of polypropylene resin, saving at least 0. 7 billion ~ 2 billion yuan, equivalent to the annual output of one or two large and medium-sized polypropylene resin enterprises, can save energy and reduce pollutant emissions, and has high economic and social benefits. Experts said that China is rich in calcium carbonate-rich marble and calcite reserves. This product is an environmentally friendly material with promotional value at this stage and is the first in China. Digging out the comprehensive performance of this material is not only a cost reduction, but also a major project conducive to energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development.
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