The main factors influencing the melt-blown non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2020-09-24
Every process from raw material to the equipment is essential even if there are only individual factor differences between the final quality of the finished product may differ big melt-blown non-woven fabric to N95 + non-woven manufacturers must strictly to control the following eight aspects to be with you now to a, melt-blown material 1, low odor, low ash, high degree of rules and a narrow molecular weight distribution. 2, more liquid. 3, fiber forming performance, can make fibre elongation higher, smaller size. 4, constantly silk, dripping, better spinnability. 5, easy to computer, more stable processing performance. 6, can be applied to filter material, oil absorption cotton, garment auxiliary material, cell membrane and application of melt-blown technology production. Second, how to well 1 melt-blown cloth, the cloth must do fine, the fiber raw material melt refers to rate and spinneret diameter, optimization of spinning process, fiber reaches 0. 3um。 2, should match well in equipment and good use in masterbatch. Good in extremely masterbatch must have the ability to charge which produces an electric field and permanent storage. 3, mask in the validity of the pole length depends on in masterbatch to add content. In masterbatch is similar to the battery, adding proportion will determine its service life and adsorption capacity. 4, store of melt-blown cloth dry, can not contact with outside air humidity. The best vacuum packing. The moisture in the air and melt-blown in charge will be converted into negative ions, and charge loss affect the filtration efficiency. Three, melt-blown reasons to make 1, spinneret and melt 2, electrostatic spray equipment in 3 pole equipment, long-term static electricity in extremely masterbatch 4, melt-blown or high melting refers to fiber material 5, professional experienced master machine 6, melt-blown production site management, how to choose the melt-blown material 1, melting points to: polypropylene by adding hydrogen peroxide thermal degradation or metallocene tuning method, polypropylene melt refers to the appropriate higher level of nanoscale fibers could produce. To cut to 150-2, particle melting point Between 170 ° C. 3, after joining in extremely masterbatch, melt-blown fabric through in pole device can produce electrostatic adsorption, block the virus. 4, modified polypropylene granules, the melt-blown cloth machine high temperature and high pressure jet of fine and long fibers. 5, fiber raw material from molten nozzle jet fluid soft, ductile, strong. 6, high temperature sterilization. Fifth, in masterbatch to choose 1, static load time, whether can be charged for a long time to 1 year or more than one year. 2, in masterbatch non-clogging melt-blown hole, melt-blown fabric load charge, how can you make positive long-term stay so long on melt-blown fabric, after half a year or after a year didn't charge, be tested in extremely masterbatch and technology key indicators. 3, boards, cycle is long, long-term in extremely, PFE beyond 95. Six, in a process more than 1, the mainstream application for the corona charging method of melt-blown fabric in processing, charging voltage and charging time, charging distance and environment humidity affect in extremely processing effect. Charging voltage of the most obvious effect on the in extremely performance, charging distance effect of medium, charging time minimal impact. In the debug machine to cause attention. 2, environment humidity and erosion have influence on static, melt-blown fabric enterprise to monitor temperature and humidity in the workshop. Increase the corresponding equipment, keep the workshop temperature and humidity within a certain range. Seven, 1, melt-blown polypropylene melt-blown material stay in high temperature and high pressure for a long time, easy to sintered carbide. 2, the temperature of the machine must first determine, melt-blown machine operating cylinder and mould temperature and set temperature. General small melt-blown equipment according to temperature and real temperature difference is very big. 3, 1500 of polypropylene melt refers to, if set to a temperature of 270 ℃ or above, have a little high. Eight, melt-blown equipment selection, configuration to complete: 1 extruder and net changer ( Filters) - metering pump - die head and distribution board ( Auxiliary air) - spinneret - formation melt-blown into network device. 2, the speed of extruder, the parameters of the metering pump, the merits of the die head, hot air temperature, velocity parameters, die head, air knife, melt-blown material receiving distance, into network device adsorption parameters such as spray to dissolve the cloth quality.
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