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The market scale of adult diapers will surpass that of baby diapers in 2020

by:Sunshine     2020-05-09
According to research, by 2020, the US adult diaper market is bound to surpass baby diapers. At least 1/3 of Americans suffer from bladder problems due to pregnancy, childbirth, diabetes, obesity and other reasons. Today, thanks to the transformation of mainstream diaper brand marketing activities, it is expected to see a surge in popularity among young consumers, who want to get rid of sanitary napkins and choose fashionable diapers. According to a Bloomberg report, sales of adult incontinence products are expected to increase by 48% in the next four years, while sales of baby diapers will only increase by 2. 6%, behind adult diapers. The real reflection of this data is the recent change in corporate marketing activities, such as Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble and other companies. In the past five years, the white-haired old man in the adult diaper promotion campaign has been replaced by a 40 or 50-year-old star. As young people's faces appear in marketing activities, brands are working together to attract consumers to buy new products, which are considered to be used by incontinent elderly people in traditional concepts. Lisa Rinna, an actor in Beverly's wife, was invited in the marketing advertisement of Depend, a leading brand in the diaper market in 2012. Recently, The 52-year-old American Talk show 'The Talk' celebrity Sheryl Underwood and The 40-year-old slam poet endorsed Dean's Silhouette products. Procter & Gamble's famous sanitary napkin brand Always has also introduced new products for young consumers. Always's Discreet is committed to creating 'invisible' diapers that can solve more minor leaks. Kimberly, 2015- Clark has stepped up industry innovation and introduced aunt towel-style diapers Poise impression SSA for incontinence, which can improve and support urethra and prevent leakage with the help of non-absorbent tissues. In 2011, Kris Jenner and whopi Goldbury both spoke for Poise impression. However, the elderly are still the target group of the adult diaper industry. Study Investigation institutions research & Markets's Global Adult diaper market report points out that the extension of life expectancy and the decline in birth rate have caused the adult diaper market to grow faster than baby diapers. The agency's report in January 2016 stressed that the elderly are more susceptible to diseases or the environment, resulting in urinary incontinence, so prolonged life expectancy means a surge in demand for such products. According to the agency's report, although U. S. companies are preparing to upgrade the U. S. diaper market, they also look at blank markets in the world, such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.
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