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( The new tendency of non-woven wallpaper wallpaper industry development]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-16
Analysis on the development of wallpaper, about 20 years ago, this wallpaper 'born' arrived in our country, its emergence has pose a great threat to traditional coating industry. However, after several price, wallpaper industry failed to take root in our country. Just to nearly two or three years, wallpaper industry and begin to emerge, and the traditional coating industry to dodge market cake. Wallpaper market potential to be excavated 'side there are a lot of my friends are with wallpaper decorating the room, so out of the house decorate more personality. 'After 80 Beijing girl leaves are busy, bridal chamber is decorated said. And leaves have the same view of young people are not uncommon. From a domestic outfit company statistics show that 47% of the modern family want to choose wallpaper decorates metope decorate, among them the majority with young consumers. Wallpaper, by its unique taste won more and more the favour of modern decoration family. But compared with international consumption wallpaper, wallpaper consumption situation in our country still has certain gap. At present, Japan and South Korea wallpaper utilization rate is relatively high, more than 90% of the interior walls covered by wallpaper. In countries such as Europe and the United States developed, the utilization of wallpaper is above 50%. 'It will mean a wallpaper industry in our country there is a huge market potential, this is wallpaper market expand rapidly. 'Treasure ( Beijing) Decoration design co. , LTD. , managing director of shu-min wang said. 'Now the wallpaper industry output value of more than 100 one hundred million yuan, if the drive associated with wallpaper as leading enterprises, output value of the hundreds of billions of dollars are likely to achieve. 'Vice President of China building decoration materials association chang-qing ren said. Ecological tidal current fabric led wallpaper, wallpaper on the market many varieties and emerge in endlessly, such as plastic PVC wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper, liquid metal wallpaper, wallpaper, etc. Recently, a new type of material, the start of the popular domestic non-woven wallpaper wallpaper higher household market, mainly used in the sitting room, bedroom or study. Because made of cloth art more AoTuGan modelling, were also more likely to reflect the personalized. 'Non-woven wallpaper is very popular in Europe and the United States and other countries, this wallpaper due to material mainly cotton, hemp, no textile, thus excellent environmental performance. 'Wallpaper industry insiders say. Meet the needs of the market, in Japan, for enterprises to develop a new type of non-woven wallpaper. This wallpaper using the bottom paper and textile clamp non-woven fabrics made from breathable performance is good, and the clamp non-woven contains some special ingredients, can absorb the harmful chemicals in indoor air, prevent diseases and insect pests, and with excellent function of mouldproof, deodorant. According to expert introduction, cotton and linen as the main material of the non-woven wallpaper, the production process is to some fiber directional or random support column, presents the structure of the fabric, with a mechanical method, hot sticky reinforcement. There are two kinds of non-woven wallpaper. Is a kind of perfect is non-woven wallpaper, this breed possesses the advantages of stable size stability, expansion rate, there will not be in the joint deformation of seam, suitable for large area of the shop is stuck. Another surface compared to pure paper and non-woven base wallpaper, it will be the stability of the non-woven wallpaper and beautiful together, pattern of design and color is rich, easy to change, to meet the needs of customers personalized decoration. Appropriate local shop is stuck and high prices as higher in the wallpaper products, non-woven wallpaper prices higher. From Beijing several large city of non-woven wallpaper prices, domestic ordinary wallpaper average price in 100 yuan/volume ( Almost five. 3 square meters) The following, but the price of imported non-woven wallpaper difference is bigger, from 300 yuan ~ 1800 yuan / / volumes, the wallpaper of class a little higher, price even reached more than 2000 yuan/volume. High-end consumer choose and buy mostly import wallpaper and ordinary consumers can accept the price between 400 ~ 500 yuan/volume. According to the price, more than 100 square meters in the bedroom, in the bedroom, study, sitting room background wall, and even children room with wallpaper, cost in 20000 ~ 30000 yuan. Expert proposal, for most consumers, not suitable for a wide range of use, local shop is stuck is a good choice.
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