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The prospect of consumption of technical textiles and non-woven fabrics is promising

by:Sunshine     2020-04-18
According to the French newspaper the People's Liberation Army, global technical textiles in 2000 ( Textiles techniques)And non-woven fabric (Textiles non-Tissé) Consumption was about 16. 7 million tons, up 50% from 1997. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 19. 5 million tons, up about 17%. At the same time, it is predicted that from now until 2010, the global total consumption of technical textiles and non-woven fabrics will reach 23. 6 million tons, an increase of more than 40%. Asia (Except China) It will become the region with the largest consumption of 6. 3 million tons; Over North America 5. 5 million tons; Western Europe has 4. 7 million tons and China has 3. 8 million tons. Application 2000 technology textile of 7th a use is clothing consumption for 1. 2 million tons; Behind packaging 2. 5 million tons; Car 2. 4 million tons; Household 2. 1 million tons; 1. 6 million tons of construction and 1. 3 million tons of agriculture. It is estimated that the technical textiles used for clothing will reach 1. 4 million tons in 2005, but they will still remain 7th and reach 1. 6 million tons by 2010. Source: sub-station of business participation in France? New environmentally friendly drug-taking cotton cloth? Dow Corning developed an efficient and safe antibacterial finishing agent? Uniston EG-30? Shandong successfully developed Flame Retardant Anti-melt fiber? Magical textile technology new products? Korea super kawaii household items (Figure)
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