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The spunlaced heat in China's non-woven fabric industry does not decrease

by:Sunshine     2020-04-18
2003- 2004 between China non-woven cloth industry in the round competition on spunlaced production line of boom to 2004 the end of National have of spunlaced production line and hit the 81 article total production capacity to 130 thousand tons about yield up to 5. 40 thousand tons, up 50% from 2003. 2005 spunlaced production line of growth momentum get certain control year of spunlaced production line quantity and production ability and the previous year change not but actual production 2004 Growth 38. 9%. Since the second half of 2005, since spunlaced non-woven fabrics have been expanded in both domestic and international markets, China's spunlaced fabrics are cheap and good, very popular, and the sales situation is generally good, as a result, some enterprises have formed a new wave of competition for spunlaced production lines. From the second half of last year to this year, the imported sprinter machine from Germany is: Fujian Nanping Nanfang, the width of the sprinter machine introduced by the factory is 2. 5 m, and has arrived; The width introduced by Zhejiang Hezhong Fiber Co. , Ltd. is 3. 6-meter shuttle spunlaced machine; Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hangmin also introduced a 3. The 6-meter-wide shuttle spunlaced machine is expected to arrive within the year. The introduction of Rieter perfojet Spurs is: Zhejiang Hengsheng; Henan Piao 'an. Many enterprises have decided to adopt domestic spunlaced production lines. Since the second half of 2004, Zhengzhou textile machinery has received orders from enterprises in Hubei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other regions, some of which have also been delivered, and has formed production capacity. Feilong nonwoven equipment factory also has 1-2 Spurs for users. In addition, Zhejiang nuobang, Dalian Ruiguang, Zhejiang Yuewang and other enterprises are currently in close talks with foreign investors. It is estimated that by the end of this year or early next year, China's spunlaced production line may reach about 95, and imported equipment accounts for a considerable proportion of the new equipment. (Textile and Clothing weekly)
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