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The truck overturned more than ten tons of non-woven fabrics and blocked the Shenhai Expressway

by:Sunshine     2019-12-13
Time: June 12, two o'clock P. M. Location: National Highway 324 Shenhai Expressway Quanzhou west exit incident record: heavy-duty trailer full of goods is about to get off the high speed, the goods on the car suddenly overturned, more than 200 round barreled non-woven fabrics instantly blocked the high-speed exit. It was still raining, and the non-woven fabric with a total weight of more than ten tons took about two hours for the workers to clean up. Since the incident was a long slope, the non-woven fabric was bundled into a cylinder shape. After the goods overturned, they rolled to a position hundreds of meters away and occupied a lane. Under the guidance of high-speed traffic police and road workers, other vehicles have bypassed another high-speed exit in the direction of Anji Road. Driver Duan said that the shipment from Shandong to shishi may be due to uneven stacking of the goods and the lack of tie-up of the net bag when loading, which led to a heavy imbalance. The accident did not cause casualties. A worker said with fear: 'Fortunately, I didn't turn it over on the highway, otherwise the consequences would be very serious. '
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