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Three reasons to make non-woven diapers now

by:Sunshine     2021-03-03
Author: Date: 2020-01-07 07:40:38 Hits: 240 by the end of 2016, the diaper market value will reach $ 49 billion. According to the same report, diapers are expected to exceed US$70.4 billion in approximately eight years. But is the diaper market not included? Large companies are bundling diapers... Is there room for others? The answer is yes. These are three reasons, indicating that the space in the disposable non-woven diaper market is larger than you expected. The private label is 'inside'. It seems that everyone now has a private label. According to Statista's data, in 2013, the private label market share was about 18%, and it will certainly continue to grow. Consumers’ perceptions of private labels are changing; in the past, consumers believed that private label products were purchased for people who could not afford better products. Today, according to a study, 33% of people think private labels are as good as brands. If new manufacturers enter the market now, private labeling will be a way to break through. Income is increasing. When income increases, people tend to buy disposable products including diapers. In addition, as income increases, the developing birth rate continues to rise. The growing demand and the means to pay for one-time product costs are a good reason to enter the market now. Technological innovation is now common. The speed of technological change is almost faster than our rate of development. If you can cooperate with non-woven fabric manufacturers to produce better (more absorbent, better skin, higher degradation rate, etc.) diapers, then there is enough space on the market for you to choose. Related tags: Previous: 3 ways non-woven fabrics help consumers achieve green and environmental protection
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