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Topli non-woven wallpaper, beautiful and environmentally friendly Wall makeup

by:Sunshine     2020-01-19
In this summer, say goodbye to monochrome walls and buy a bright wallpaper to dress up your room! No need to buy too fancy patterns, simple, elegant and generous. Today, Xiaobian recommends a special wallpaper, which is based on sky blue, with white flowers on it and singing and dancing. First follow the small series to experience it first! Product Display: evaluation brand: Topli wallpaper evaluation product: Topli A5- 70 wallpaper product price: 298 yuan/Roll product specification: 8. 2*0. 68 m/Roll product material: non-woven fabric evaluation details: 1. Appearance tepuli A5- 70 wallpaper is based on cold color blue, blue is very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water. The pure blue color shows a kind of beauty and calmness. The big flowers are unscrupulous on the top, and the static picture looks so realistic, making people think about it. Simple colors and beautiful patterns are very suitable for this season. This wallpaper has three colors to choose from. In addition to this wallpaper, there are also red silver flowers and green yellow flowers (As shown in the figure) Optional, consumers can choose according to their home style or personal preferences. Second, the material this wallpaper feels friendly and natural, the evaluator tears the corner of the wallpaper with his hand, revealing a lot of thin and long fluff. This is a non-woven wallpaper with the advantages of moisture-proof, flexible and breathable. It is harmless to human body and environment and fully conforms to environmental safety standards. TIP: non-woven wallpaper is mainly made of chemical fibers, such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, chlorine, etc. , which are heated, melted, extruded, sprayed and then formed by calendering patterns, or by cotton, hemp and other natural plant fibers through non-woven molding. More chemical fibers and plant fibers are mixed and non-woven. The industry is called 'breathing wallpaper' and is currently the most popular new green and environment-friendly material in the world. The surface of this wallpaper is smooth and smooth, comfortable and delicate, and it will have different visual effects from different angles. I believe that the paving will make the home look new. Flip the wallpaper, Xiaobian sees its back white, and the wallpaper is thick and crisp. Eight, combustion test another way to identify wallpaper environmental protection is combustion test, the evaluator uses a lighter to ignite the wallpaper, found that the wallpaper is easier to burn. When burning, the flame is relatively large. At the moment of blowing out, a thick smoke emerges, but there is no pungent smell. After burning, there are black ashes. Visible Topley A5-The Environmental Protection of wallpaper is very good. Evaluation Summary: Topley A5- The wallpaper is based on quiet blue, giving people a quiet and calm feeling. The beautiful bloom of flowers is very suitable for this season. However, the color is too bright to be paved in large areas. After a series of tests by the evaluator, this wallpaper is naked in front of us. A wallpaper with good environmental performance is worth buying. Other Product Display: tepuli wallpaper display tepuli wallpaper
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