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Towels, socks and other textiles are moving towards the 'cotton' era

by:Sunshine     2020-02-22
Global Textile network, February 4-recently, a newly established 'by robust Medical Group Cotton Times Technology Co. , Ltd' In global first the company new development of patent series products a new generation of health, comfort, environmental protection of textile material--PurCotton (Cotton non-woven fabric). Yang Min, head of the company, told reporters that PurCotton series products are produced in medical environment, so they have the characteristics of sterility and sterilization and fully guarantee the safety of consumers. At present, the company's products mainly include towels, socks, wipes, underwear, sanitary napkins and other daily products, in addition to travel supplies, women's products, baby products and elderly products. It is understood that this kind of cotton non-woven underwear, the price is 2 ~ Between 3 yuan, it is convenient and comfortable to wear. It is a kind of disposable cotton non-woven underwear, which is very suitable for people with fast pace of life and frequent business trips or infants and the elderly. According to reports, Cotton Times Technology Co. , Ltd. has opened three flagship stores of cotton non-woven products in Shenzhen Shekou Garden City and other places. Recently, they will open another five sales stores to advocate and lead the arrival of the cotton era. Experts pointed out that non-woven fabrics are mostly produced with polyester and polypropylene as raw materials, while PurCotton uses natural cotton as raw materials without any additives, which not only preserves the soft and comfortable characteristics of cotton, moreover, compared with traditional textiles, the production time is reduced by 80%, which greatly saves energy consumption and reduces environmental pollution. The advent of cotton non-woven fabrics will realize a major change in textile production technology.
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