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Xiantao non-woven fabric export takeoff into wind

by:Sunshine     2020-05-01
Recently, I learned from the Xiantao Municipal Bureau of Commerce that this year, the export of non-woven products in the city has maintained strong growth in the case of a sharp contraction in China's textile industry. So far, exports have exceeded the US $0. 1 billion mark, up year on year. In 5%, it became the city's first industry to export over US dollars. Xiantao now has 60 non-woven products export enterprises, accounting for 70% of the city's export enterprises and 58% of the city's total export volume. Since this year, the city has actively responded to the crisis, made every effort to build a non-woven fabric industry cluster, and supported enterprises to carry out technological transformation and product upgrading. Pengchang town has formed a complete industrial chain from non-woven fabric production to product processing and raw and auxiliary materials matching, greatly reducing production costs. Some non-woven fabric enterprises have increased the price of non-woven fabric products by 30% to 50% after applying high-grade PP anti-adhesive non-woven fabric and SF breathable film composite non-woven fabric, thus forming a pricing capability in the market. At the same time, the city also supports non-woven fabric enterprises to develop export brands and enhance their ability to expand overseas markets and export their own businesses. Most enterprises have formed a stable customer base overseas. At present, xianmeng, Fushi protection and other manufacturers have broken the traditional model of OEM production and have successfully registered their own brands overseas.
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