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Xinjiang men pour all their six-year inventions to avoid cleaning antibacterial toilet mats

by:Sunshine     2020-04-17
In six years, cars and buildings were sold and all the savings in the family were invested. Until June this year, Zhang Wei finally invented the toilet mat and began to market. Zhang Wei is the general manager of Xinjiang Yiyi Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. Recently, when the reporter saw him, he was busy participating in the second youth entrepreneurship competition in Xinjiang. In Zhang Wei's view, this competition not only concerns the company's future development, but also provides a platform for more customers to recognize his products. Zhang Wei told reporters that in September this year, he invented a non-cleaning antibacterial toilet mat to officially enter the market. At present, the company can produce 100 thousand packs of non-cleaning antibacterial toilet mats every day, with monthly sales reaching more than 30 thousand yuan. This result is a good beginning for Zhang Wei. Before 2005, Zhang Wei was a brand clothing agent, operating two clothing stores, earning 300 thousands or 400 thousands yuan a year, and living a full and rich life. For him, the only drawback in life is frequent business trips. 'At that time, only the hotel was on a business trip. Although the toilet in the hotel toilet was cleaned by the service personnel, I always felt unsanitary when people came and went. 'Zhang Wei said. After a long time, every time he stayed at the hotel, he thought, why is there no convenient and hygienic disposable toilet cushion? Why don't you invent a cleaning-free toilet cushion? In July 2005, Zhang Wei began to devote himself to the development of non-cleaning antibacterial toilet mats. During the day, he often goes to the bookstore to learn how to draw pictures; In the evening, he fiddled with drawings and cloth and sewed and mended himself. Paper, cloth, plastic bags . . . . . . All the materials that can be thought of were tested by Zhang Wei, and the results ended in failure. After many tests, Zhang Wei found that non-woven fabrics are a good raw material and went to all parts of the country to find them. In the past six years, only 6 tons of non-woven fabrics have been used. In 2009, he developed a toilet mat and put it into production. He registered a company in Beijing and brought more than 600 thousand yuan worth of goods to Beijing for sale. After more than a week, he found that this kind of toilet pad has quality defects. Zhang Wei immediately processed the products and returned to Xinjiang for re-development. In June this year, Zhang Wei finally developed a cleaning-free antibacterial toilet pad that he was satisfied. After successful product development, sales became the most important link. 'I think my products are used more in hospitals and hotels, so I have a position when I sell them. 'Due to the recognition of the market, Zhang Wei already has three or four fixed customers in just over two months. Zhang Wei told reporters that although the company is not fully on the right track, according to the current market sales situation, it is planned to recover the cost for half a year. Next, Zhang Wei decided to expand the scale of production and plans to find partners to set up branches in the mainland so that more people can recognize and use this product. Zhang Wei believes that he can have today's results because he dares to do it. 'Anyone can think of an invention, but some people think of not doing it, some people make up their minds to do it, so they succeed. 'Zhang Wei said. (Asian Heart Network)
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