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Zhejiang enterprises take advantage of the transformation and upgrading of foreign brains to invite Italian monks to read 'textile Sutra'

by:Sunshine     2020-02-05
Global Textile network, February 25-held in Zhejiang province on the 24th Technical textiles and non-woven fabrics-Italian Science and Technology Seminar' On, eleven Italian textile machinery enterprises were invited to attend, and the two sides held talks on cooperation in the field of textile machinery. Zhejiang Textile enterprises have said that they will take this opportunity to introduce advanced technology to complete the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and better cope with the global financial crisis. It is reported that as the leader of European textiles and clothing industry, Italian textile machinery plays an important role in the fields of technical textiles, innovative textiles and non-woven products. China has been the largest sales market for Italian textile machinery for a long time. Manager Wang Yufang of the Shanghai representative office of Italy yaseli Co. , Ltd. told reporters:' Attending the seminar is not only in response to the call of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, but more importantly because Zhejiang has many customers of our company. At present, due to the financial crisis, the traditional textile industry is sluggish, and many textile companies will transform and upgrade to the production of non-woven fabrics. I attended the seminar because I was able to reach some potential customers. ' Reporters found at the scene that the seminar attracted many Zhejiang textile enterprises. ' Due to the impact of the financial crisis, there are currently fewer foreign orders. Enterprises want to complete the transformation and upgrading and improve their competitiveness by introducing advanced technology. Italy's textile technology is very advanced and we can learn from them by taking this opportunity. ' Gan Yuming, director of the office of Zhejiang Shaoxing Changsheng line Co. , Ltd. said. At the seminarFace to Face'The way of communication has been recognized by business owners. Gan Yuming said:' Originally, we could only communicate with foreign enterprises through the Internet and friends' introduction, and had a certain sense of distance. Today's face-to-face communication is very novel and realistic. I have now negotiated a cooperation intention with a company. '(End)
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