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Zhenghan non-woven fabric: committed to the rational use of renewable resources

by:Sunshine     2020-02-25
Can you guess what is the raw material of the non-woven fabric used on the vamp? Cai Jinzhong, general manager of Quanzhou Zhenghan non-woven Technology Co. , Ltd. , asked reporters in her office. Then, she picked up a mineral water bottle from the ground and told reporters to remove the bottle cap and business label, this bottle can be recycled to make environmentally friendly recycled fiber. Later, Cai Jinzhong picked up another glass bottle containing some green samples that looked like silk. She told reporters, 'these are recycled fibers, which are made from plastic bottles that are common in our daily life. Green fibers are made from green beverage bottles, these fibers are the materials for producing non-woven fabrics. ', And the main raw material of the double-needle middle and bottom plate is high-quality plastic bottle pieces for waste utilization, which are processed at high temperature to form a recycle fiber (Environmental Recycling material chemical fiber) After sewing and non-spinning process, recycled polyester staple fiber and high-quality polyester filament are selected to make recycled PET non-woven fabric. Among them, the middle plate of the double needle does not add any glue water, but forms different grades of hardness completely by physical changes of its own fiber by controlling the needle binding and heat setting process. The double-needle middle floor has high physical strength, durability and no deformation, and belongs to the category of sewing and weaving non-woven fabrics. Waterproof, wear resistance, good air permeability, lasting raw material color, sanitation and environmental protection. This product is mainly used for sneakers, sports shoes, running shoe lining, luggage lining, bags, toys, reusable shopping bags, various furniture, high-grade clothing shoulder pads and bedding, daily necessities, etc. 'Committed to the rational use of renewable resources, do the Earth's cleaners. 'This loud slogan comes from Zhenghan non-woven fabric Technology Co. , Ltd. Recycling plastic bottles and other wastes, through a series of scientific and technological means to carry out a series of processing, and finally produce high-quality non-woven fabrics with various properties such as ventilation, durability, moisture resistance, flexibility and light weight, it is exactly what Zhenghan has focused on for many years. 'With the renewal of ideas, international big-name shoes have begun to pay attention to the concept of science and technology and environmental protection, and sustainability and recycling have become the focus of their development. We always pay attention to the trend of the trend, and at the same time continue to develop the corresponding shoe products according to their needs, only to do what customers recognize has always been our development purpose. 'Cai Jinzhong, general manager of Zhenghan non-woven fabric Technology Co. , Ltd. , told reporters on how to grasp the direction of R & D and development and ensure market share. Cai Jinzhong said that without too much gorgeous publicity, Zhenghan has been taking every step in the non-woven fabric industry. There is no shortcut to this industry. Talking with products is the Kangzhuang Avenue for the development of non-woven fabrics. She and Zhenghan must provide the best things to customers. Pay attention to the advanced nature of technology and cost control, and maintain the advantage ratio of price and performance is the way for enterprises to survive. It is with this belief that Zhenghan continues to gain a good reputation in the industry and more customers who come here. As a matter of fact, in order to realize the development of the whole non-woven fabric industry chain, the new non-woven fabric production project supporting Gangyi in the upper reaches of Zhenghan has been basically completed and put into operation, and the Gangyi business after it is put into operation is divided into two parts---Staple Fiber and non-woven fabric. In addition, Zhenghan will continue to expand its upstream and downstream supporting production bases. In addition to aiming at the attractive prospects of new non-woven fabrics in terms of environmental protection and technology, the most important thing for these projects is to further strengthen their advantages from raw materials to non-woven fabrics. It is reported that Zhenghan non-woven fabric Technology Co. , Ltd. is currently a large-scale comprehensive non-woven fabric professional production base in China, the company has more than 50 imported and domestic advanced non-woven fabric production lines such as acupuncture, hot binding, sewing, shaping and bonding, and more than 300 kinds of products of various specifications. Company Profile: in the eyes of Cai Jinzhong, general manager of Zhenghan non-woven Technology Co. , Ltd. , she and Zhenghan want to make the non-woven fabric to the extreme. The 'extreme' in her mouth means that every code of non-woven fabric, every detail, and every production process are almost perfect. Pay attention to the rational use of renewable resources in the non-woven fabric industry chain. It turns plastic bottles everywhere in people's lives into treasures, makes non-woven fabrics, incorporates environmental protection and scientific and technological elements into each product, and constantly innovates, make the products sold at home and abroad. Customer evaluation: Even nationwide, it is rare in the field of science, technology and environmental protection. Not only that, its scale determines the quality and price. From raw materials to non-woven fabrics, Zhenghan non-woven fabrics have been helping shoe factories, not only paying attention to environmental protection and health quality, but also leading the trend of shoe materials, increase the added value of science and technology for downstream enterprises. (Jinjiang Economic News)
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